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       Shadecloth Selection Guide by Glazing Type

            EcoVeil Sheer is woven with translucent, light-diffusing yarns. Openess factor, visible light transmittance, and color value
            must therefore be condidered in selecting the most appropiate shadecloth for your glazing type. Traditional shadecloths
            with opaque yarns have low VLT transmittance.

   Mock-ups are recommended to verify the suitability of EcoVeil Sheer for your environment.
                                          = Acceptable for reasonable
   solar control.

                     OF = Openness factor, or density of
   the shadecloth weave.

                                          = Moderate. For general light
   diffusion and glare protection.
                    VLT = Visible light transmittance, or
   admitted portion of the solar
   spectrum visible to the human eye.
                                          = Limited solar protection. High
   surface brightness.

For more information about EcoVeil Sheer, click here.

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