Room Darkening + AV
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Room Darkening Options
MechoShade Installation
ElectroShade Installation
DoubleShade Installation
Pocket Installation pdf

Room Darkening Components
Side & Sill Channels
Light Seal Hem Bar
Ceiling Pockets

Room Darkening Shadcloth
ThermoVeil 0900
Blackout Shadecloth Collection
The MechoShade Room Darkening and Audio/Visual (A/V) System consists of MechoShades® or ElectroShades® in an integrated program of:
- Blackout shadecloth.
- Room darkening side and sill channels.
- Optional DoubleShade® brackets that allow for blackout and sun screens on one compact bracket.
- LightSeal™ hembar.
- Pockets/Recessed Mountings.
- Seamless Integration: A/V Low Voltage interface. ElectroShades can interface with all Lighting Controls, A/V Systems, Home Automation Systems and Third Party controllers.