The New York Times Headquarters
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Post-Occupancy Energy Savings in The New York Times Headquarters

Two post-occupancy studies were conducted on The New York Times Building in New York City. Both assessments (one released in December 2012 and the other in January 2013) report significant annual energy savings for the building.

The new headquarters saved:
43% lighting energy saved.
23% cooling energy saved.
22% peak-day energy saved.
24% total energy saved.

The studies both report the building occupant were satisfied with the lighting levels in the workspace. Employees also expressed the belief that the automated-shading system specifically aids in the quality and production of their work.

Reports and white papers:
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory report
Green Light New York report


The shades can be seen in the film Bill Cunningham New York (now on Hulu and on Netflix), in the background of scenes in The Times's Headquarters.

Photo Credit: Carlos Rivera