WhisperShade® DC
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Low voltage, less noise, and limitless networking capability

This 24 VDC solution is extraordinarily quiet, packs industry-leading, powerful operation, and is easily networked for scalability and reconfigurable control on MechoNet. The WhisperShade DC mounts on an exclusive sound-dampening bracket and offers customizable preset shade positions and rotation speed, plus full integration with a range of motors and controls.


• Quietest operation on the market (less than or equal
  to 38 dBA).
• Low-voltage power for simplified wiring.
• Industry's longest, non-depreciating warranty (10   years).
• Largest lift capacity in its class at 5 Nm, supporting   large or multi-banded shades.
• Integration with MechoNet.
• Automation with SolarTrac® and SunDialer®.
• Wireless or hardwired control.
• Variable speed control with soft start and stop.
• Obstacle detection when raising.
• 16 preset positions.
• Uniform 7/8 in. (22 mm) edge clearance at drive, idle,   and center support.
• Minimum shade outside dimension of 33-3/4 in. (857   mm) wide.

For more information, including details on MechonNet integration and wiring diagrams, please see the cutsheet or contact us.

Awards and Certifications:
• Innovation Award, Best of NeoCon® for the
  WhisperShade DC EDU in Window Treatments
  category, Contract magazine.