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MechoShade System Mecho®/5 & SlimLine
Mecho®/5 shade system

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Mecho®/5 & SlimLine

MechoSystems’ latest patented design, with an overrunning clutch, self-lubricating components, and a larger diameter sprocket, provides 67% more lift capacity. Mecho/5 increases the shade size range that a manual drive system can lift before motorization is required. Mecho requires no adjustment, resulting in faster, easier installation. Performance has been field-tested on hundreds of thousands of shades installed worldwide. Mecho/5 carries a Lifetime Warranty.*

SlimLine is MechoSystems’ compact heavy-duty bracket system designed for small shades in narrow spaces, using the Mecho®/3 operating system. It carries a 10-Year Limited Warranty on the hardware and shadecloth.

Binder Cut Sheets:
- Mecho/5 Pocket Bracket PDF

Standard Bracket Detail:
- Mecho/5 Pocket Bracket CAD
Binder Cut Sheets:
- Mecho/5 Extended with optional fascia PDF
- Mecho/5 Extended without fascia PDF

Standard Bracket Detail:
- Mecho/5 Extended with optional fascia CAD
Binder Cut Sheets:
- Mecho/5 Slimline without fascia PDF

Standard Bracket Detail:
- Mecho/5 Slimline with optional fascia CAD

More Information on Mecho/5 & SlimLine:
Mecho®/5 Edge Clearances
Slimline Edge Clearances

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Construction Drawings

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