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Line Voltage Switching - Hardwired


Low Voltage Optional Control Accessories and Peripherals

Daylight Control

Wireless Remote Control Systems - RTS


RS-232 Protocol Document

Lutron Integration Booklet

MechoNetTM Network Interface

Controls: Peripherals

Solar Activated Controller

SAC Unit with Photo Cell and Auto/Manual Switch:
Provides full up or full down operation of a shade or group of shades based on solar load. The SAC switch includes user adjustable ranges for solar intensity, cloud delay, and auto vs manual mode of operation.

24 Hour Timer:
Allows shades to be controlled at certain predetermined times each day.

Miscellaneous Switches:
Key switches and digital keypads provide security.

RS-232 Interface:
The RS-232 provides the ability for computers to communicate with our IQ/MLC® control system.