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Bracket Selector Guides

Bracket Selector Guides for Motorized Shades

To determine the correct bracket for the opening size desired, choose the shadecloth group below for the fabric you intend to use.

Group A PDF
0900 Series Translucent Wave, 0–1% Openness Factor
1000 Series Vertical Weave, 2–3% Openness Factor
1300 Series Basket Weave, 5% Openness Factor
3000 Series Twill Weave, 1–2% Openness Factor
5400 Series Antique Linen, 4–5% Openness Factor

Group B PDF
2100 Series Basket Weave, 10–12% Openness Factor

Group C PDF
1800 Series Vertical weave, 15% Openness Factor
5500 Series Casement Screen, 15% Openness Factor

Group D PDF
5100 Series Oxford Row, 7–8% Openness Factor
5200 Series Classic Twill, 7–8% Openness Factor
5300 Series Basket Weave, 5% Openness Factor
6000 Series Twill Weave, 3% Openness Factor

Group E PDF
0100 Series Blackout Shadecloths, 0% Openness Factor
0700 Series Blackout Shadecloths, 0% Openness Factor

Please note: Openness Factors are approximate. Groups are based on the average thickness and weight of the shadecloth within the group. Specifications subject to change without notice.