Specialty Shades
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Specialty Shades
Flat SkyLighter® Shades
  • Tensioned
  • Non-tensioned
  • Soft-Fold SkyLighter® Shades
  • Gravity Drop
  • Horizontal
  • Optional SkyLighter Accessories

    Flat SkyLighter® Roller Shades: Tensioned

    A motorized shade designed for applications that require a taught, flat shade. The system consists of two synchronized tubular motors and a special electronic control unit to control the taughtness of the shade band. One motor handles fabric roll-up while the second motor handles cable take-up. An electronic unit controls each motor independently and maintains dynamic (moving) tension on the shade band as well as final tension adjustment. Thus, minimizing shadecloth sag while the shadecloth is both moving and stationary. Adjustments are made via the electronic control. The size and weight of the shade will determine if idler rollers, guide cables, and/or guide track are necessary.

    Typical double motor tensioned flat SkyLighter

    Typical Motor/Spring Tensioned SkyLighter® Shade