Specialty Shades
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Specialty Shades
Flat SkyLighter® Shades
  • Tensioned
  • Non-tensioned
  • Soft-Fold SkyLighter® Shades
  • Gravity Drop
  • Horizontal
  • Optional SkyLighter Accessories

    Flat SkyLighter® Roller Shades

    A Tensioned SkyLighter Roller Shade is a motorized shade designed for applications that require a taught flat shade. The system consists of two synchronized tubular motors and a special electronic control unit to control the taughtness of the shade band. One motor is for shadecloth roll-up, the second motor is for cable take-up. SkyLighter can also be tensioned using a motor and a spring.
    A Non-Tensioned SkyLighter Roller Shade is a single tubular motor and spring system for angled, gravity drop, or horizontal shades up to 6 x 8 ft (183 x 245cm). As the motor in the cable take-up tube pulls the shade band across the opening, it creates resistance as it tightens the opposing spring in the shadecloth tube, providing shade band taughtness.